like Picasso, he has found sources of inspiration in African art. This is interesting, as those masks and sculptures have nothing to do with the traditions of the western world. Whereas European art was largely a kind of window onto a more beautiful, more inspirational, more perfect world, the art of Africa was created as a kind of link between humans and the forces they sensed around them that controlled their destinies. For them art was not an escape but an attempt at comprehending. This is also true of the art of the American Indian. Even body painting and beading is not purely decorative, but indicates a relationship or understanding with the forces of nature that controls daily life.

One could say that the entire history of western culture reflects how people separated themselves from the effects of nature. To free them from its control. Hence air- conditioning, freezers, air-shipped fruits and vegetables, relentless weather reports, and electric heating. Even from seasonal effects, eating the same kind of food year round, sleeping in constant temperatures, wearing much the same kind of clothing all year round.

In cultures more in tune with nature, there has been an attempt to strengthen the bonds, feel more strongly how the individual fits into the overall framework and process of the